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Chester County Democratic Committee Headquarters’ New Look

New awning added to the exterior of CCDC Headquarters at 37 S. High Street. Next time you visit West Chester stop in and see the improvements made inside. The offices are newly painted with new ceiling fixtures and electric wiring. Next will be new carpets, refinished floors, refurbished front door, and hopefully new windows. The county is always looking for volunteers to do mailings and voter outreach and phone calls. Do you have time to volunteer? Please email Nancy Lorback at

Remembering Bob Eshleman

from Marsha Peltz, Zone Leader East Whiteland/Charlestown

On this Memorial Day weekend I am sorry to share that one of our most dedicated East Whiteland/Charlestown Dems has died. I am told Bob Eshleman passed away on Wednesday while in hospice. We last saw Bob in November 2017 holding his “fort” at Peoples Light. He would sit all day and night at the polls with his beloved dog.

I found an obituary online, though it says the obituary will be printed on May 29 in the Daily Local.

For those that knew and volunteered alongside Bob, you knew he would always be there! He loved our Dems group and served as both Assistant Zone Leader and Committee Person for many years.

Stuffing envelopes, posting lawn signs along highways, attending meetings and explaining candidates’ positions were all his specialty. And when he arrived, he’d be wearing a colorful tee shirt with a pithy expression! Bob made us smile, Bob made us a priority, Bob made us better!

He was missed this past Primary campaign cycle and I found myself saying, “Boy I wish Bob was here.”

Will 2018 be the year of woman in Chester County politics?

By Nathaniel Smith, The Times of Chester County, May 18th, 2018

In the Chester County Democratic primary election, the winners for U.S. Senator and Governor were (unopposed) men, but women for US House PA-06 (also unopposed) and Lt. Governor (Kathi Cozzone carried Chesco but not PA), so that’s half men and half women Dem winners in Chesco.

For PA Senate and House, 3 men and 8 women won Democratic races in districts that include Chesco (some were contested, most not). These candidates worked their way through the primary season, may have been endorsed, and may have had enough support to induce potential rivals not to file in the primary.

For Dem State Committee, Dems also preferred women candidates. Their ballot had 9 men and 9 women, and voters could choose up to 4 of each. One would expect votes cast for men and women to be about equal; but In fact, women totaled 14,835 more votes (unofficial figures; not including write-ins). To judge the scale, if a 10th man had been in the race and received all those undervotes, he would have been the top male vote-getter.

Did voters know the women better as individuals? Did voters prefer to vote for women and consciously undervote for men? Did more women than men vote? We can’t tell right now. But the results for state legislature and Democratic State Committee certainly support the Year of the Woman hypothesis.

How about on the Republican side? …

keep reading at The Times of Chester County

CCDC urges state and federal lawmakers to enact stronger protections against gun violence

[reposted 5/19/18: still waiting for legislators to act]

At its February 28, 2018, meeting, the CCDC Executive Committee enacted a resolution urging lawmakers to rise to the challenge of the gun violence epidemic in our country.

The measures requested include:

Preventing known and suspected terrorists, those convicted of violent hate crimes, and those with a history of domestic abuse from illegally buying guns.

Ensuring that background checks are required on all sales, including online and at gun shows.

Preserving the provisions of the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS), which provides instant access to background records.

Requiring trigger locks on all firearms in houses where children are present.

Banning access to assault-style weapons.

Reducing the number of permissible cartridges in a clip or magazine.

View or download the full document including the underlying “whereases,” here: Gun Resolution CCDC 2-28-18