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Thanks to Adam’s friends from Adam’s parents

Dear friends,

We wish we could thank each one of you individually, but because Adam had so many friends and colleagues that we have only just met, we hope this note provides at least a small indication of the extent of our gratitude.

Although we honestly don’t know how to live without our son, the amazing outpouring of love and support following Adam’s tragic death has truly been comforting, and we will be forever thankful that he had such wonderful people in his life.

Adam’s friends have been commenting on his loyalty, and on him being the “glue that held them together.” Colleagues have been calling him a “brilliant political mind,” but ultimately, we think all Adam ever wanted was a life of public service where he could give a hundred percent effort to affect social justice for all people.

Adam lived by the Mahatma Gandhi quote “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”

He taught us so much compassion and humility; we hope to always live up to his ideals.

With sincerest thanks,

Bob and Kathy Swope

Celebrating 2017

Hello Fellow Chester County Democrats:

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and all it means to us, we also want to give a huge thanks to YOU, our voters, committeepeople, volunteers, activists and candidates for a remarkable 2017. Together, we:

Elected four county-wide row office candidates for the first time in our history

Elected nearly 200 Democrats to local offices

Established a fundraising record

Filled 81% of committeepeople positions (interested in filling the rest? Call the office at 610-692-5811)

Completed purchase of our headquarters building

Defeated Val DiGiorgio and the Republican machine in back-to-back years in Chester County

Sent a message that Chester County Democrats are ready to win In Harrisburg and Washington in 2018 – with your help

Want to help us get a start on building the funds necessary to win? Donate $20.18 here.

Congratulations to Controller-elect Margaret Reif, Clerk of Courts-elect Yolanda Van de Krol, Coroner-elect Dr. Christina VandePol, and Treasurer-elect Patricia Maisano!

–Brian McGinnis, Chbairman, CCDC

Thank you for your attention!

The following chart shows page views of this site over the past month. The election day total of 3,199 is by far the highest we have ever recorded. (The previous high was about 1,000 on election day in Nov. 2016.) The most popular posts during the past month were, as we might expect, “Our Candidates” and “How Do I Vote?” And thanks for voting!

The next peak of 854 on Sunday Nov. 12 was a form of tribute to our dear friend Adam Swope, killed the previous day in an accident on route 202, as the tag “Adam Swope” had a total of 746 views in the data underlying the chart.

Democrats gather to celebrate historic wins

On November 15, Chester County Democrats gathered at Barnaby’s in West Chester to recognize their winners in the election eight days earlier and also hear a moving tribute paid by Commissioner Kathi Cozzone to the much-honored Adam Swope, tragically killed by an overturned truck just four days earlier. “What Would Adam Do?.” in Kathi’s formulation, is a worthy guide for Democratic office-holders and activists in the days and years ahead.

Particularly celebrated were the four first Democrats to hold Chester County row offices. The first, that is, to defeat Republicans in the general election, because in the now-discontinued position of Jury Commissioner, two individuals of different parties were elected, the Dem for many years being Martha S. Smith (who also long managed the CCDC office on S. High St.).

Why are the countywide offices called “row offices? Because, so it is said, the offices were once located in a row along a hallway of the former Court House building in the center of West Chester.

There are now nine row offices. The ones up for election two years from now are: District Attorney, Sheriff, Prothonotary, Register of Wills, and Recorder of Deeds. The three County Commissioner seats, of which no more than two may be held by members of the same party, will also be on the 2019 ballot.

So now Democrats are celebrating wins by those pictured below (with thanks to Diane Welsh for these two photos):

Coroner-elect Christina VandePol, Clerk of Courts-elect Yolanda Van de Krol, and Controller-elect Margaret Reif watch the results coming in on election eve with supporters

The same three join forces on Nov. 15.

Treasurer-elect Patricia Maisano happened to miss both photos; here is a file photo of her:

Those offices may have been somewhat mysterious to Democrats in the past. Now we will be able to bring, to you and the rest of the public, news direct from the office-holders.

Row office history artifact, Martha Smith’s 2009 campaign handout: