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Message from the Chair

Friends of the Chester County Democratic Committee:

Traditionally, spring primaries are ho-hum affairs with little notice or turnout. For example, in the 2015 Primary, a mere 12% came to the polls. This year 18% of you came out to vote, beating Republicans for the first time in history in a Primary election. It’s obvious to anyone reading the daily paper or watching the nightly news that political events in Harrisburg and Washington have contributed to a greater activism towards elected officials, and clearly, voters are expressing their concerns at the polls. While I am pleased with the turnout in the Primary, there is still plenty of work to be done from now until November. We can’t afford to rest and we must keep moving forward.

Our Chester County Row Office Candidates

Please continue to support Patricia Maisano for Treasurer, Margaret Reif for Controller, Dr. Christina VandePol for Coroner, and Maria Crossan for Clerk of Courts. We are proud to announce that these candidates have received the endorsement of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters. They are running on a platform of trust, transparency, and integrity, and are bringing enthusiasm and interest to their campaigns. “We are pleased to endorse this strong docket of candidates,” stated NRCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer John Ballantyne, “as they support many of the same important worker rights issues that are important to our Council, such as prevailing wage [which is vital to] all middle-class workers in our region who are trying to make a good life for themselves and their families.”

Upcoming CCDC Events

The biggest networking event in Chester County is approaching on June 19th – the annual CCDC Golf Outing at Ron Jaworski’s beautiful Downingtown County Club. See details and a link to register. Come out and have a great time!

Our True Blue Speaker Series is pleased to announce that Kim Slocum, a healthcare policy and strategy consultant, will speak to us about Health Care Reform – “Mission Impossible or Merely Paused”. RSVP for this informative event to be held June 14th, 6:30-8:30 pm at Barnaby’s, 15 S High St, in West Chester. Please join us to hear from an expert in the field, and learn how to plot our path forward. (True Blue Society is a fundraising vehicle for Chester County Democrats. Join for only $20 a month, knowing that your contribution will be used to promote Freedom, Fairness & Opportunity in Chester County!)

Brian J. McGinnis
Chair, Chester County Democratic Committee

Dem turnout surge marks 2017 primary election

According to data presented by Bill Schoell at the 5/25/17 executive committee meeting, Democratic voters voted this year in much greater numbers than in the previous two off-year (non-presidential, non-gubernatorial) primary elections. The increase from 2013 to 2017 (Dems who voted as a % of registered Dems) was about 90%! (2017 figures are unofficial, 2013 and 2015 official.)


About 18% of Dems in the County voted in 2017, compared to 17% of R’s. This is a significant reversal of the usual D lag in turnout. Coupled with Hillary Clinton’s 25,000 margin in the County in November, this trend is very encouraging.

R voters cast more total ballots this year, by 1,869, but that is a lot less of an edge than one would expect from the R registration advantage of 19,352.

Of course Dems need to close that registration gap, but it is significant that R voters, after a long slow decline, now makes up only 44% of registrations, compared to about 38.5% for D’s and 17.5% I’s. I’s don’t vote much in primaries but the almost 60,000 of them can be a big factor in the fall… if they vote then.

Download the underlying spreadsheet here: Primary 2017 Chesco reg + turnout BSchoell

Good Results on Primary Election Day

Kathleen Keohane, TTDem Committee, May 20, 2017

A sincere Thank You to all the volunteers and voters who helped make this year’s Primary a successful election day. And an historic one too. For the first time ever, more Tredyffrin Democrats came out to vote than their Republican counterparts in every single one of our seventeen precincts. A total of 628 more Democrats, to be exact.

There is no disputing the fact that Tredyffrin is changing. The number of registered Democrats has increased by almost 10% in the last two years. At this point, the two major parties are separated by only 210 voters, while the number of Independents has remained stable at about 18%. We feel confident that our well-qualified candidates can win this year if voters have a chance to meet them and consider their credentials and positions on the issues that matter most: maintaining our quality of life by providing excellent services, the careful management of growth, and responsible use of our tax dollars.

Thank you for your interest and support of our candidates.

Click at TTDem Committee to read the full statement from Kathleen Keohane, chair of Tredyffrin Democrats.

Turnout is the Story on Tuesday

by Adam Swope, chair, Willistown-Malvern Dems

Wow! Thank you to everyone who voted on Tuesday. In our area, and around the County, we saw shocking turnout numbers – clear evidence that Democrats are energized and Republicans are demoralized. With the scandal-a-day Republican Administration in Washington, we saw motivated Democrats turn out in droves to express their displeasure while Republicans may have been so embarrassed by their party’s leadership that they stayed home in record numbers.

Countywide, Democratic turnout in the primary exceeded Republican turnout for the first time in recent memory. It wasn’t a big spread – only about 18% to 17%. But put into context, Republican turnout was about 5% higher than our turnout each of the previous 4 years. So to actually win the turnout battle is a sea change.

Let’s look at the results from our own precincts and how 2017 turnout compared to 2015, the last municipal primary:

Malvern Borough – Dem turnout was up 5.4% and GOP turnout was down 4.2%.
N-1 (Phelps) – Dems up 6.6%, GOP down 9.6%
N-2 (Sugartown) – Dems up 6.6%, GOP down 11.2%
N-3 (Gen. Wayne) – Dems up 4.4%, GOP down 9.3%
N-4 (Good Sam.) – Dems up 5.6%, GOP down 3.1%
N-5 (Gen. Wayne) – Dems up 10.5%, GOP down 5.2% **Overall Dem turnout was over 33%, almost twice the countywide average!**
N-6 (Chester Valley Rehab) – Dems up 0.1%, GOP up 1.4% **This was the only precinct that saw higher GOP turnout overall in 2017**
S-1 (Sugartown) – Dems up 6.5%, GOP down 22.4%
S-2 (Willistown Friends) – Dems up 10.1%, GOP down 14.4%
S-3 (Willistown Methodist) – Dems up 6%, GOP down 6.5%

If we see turnout like this in the fall, Democrats are going to win a lot of elections we’ve never won before!