Breaking into the boys clubs

from Chrissy Houlahan for US House PA-06. N.b. April 10 is Equal Pay Day, showing how far into the next year US women, on average, have to work in order to earn what men earn in 12 months.

I’ve spent my entire life in male-dominated environments.

In high school, I was one of just a couple of girls in my physics and calculus classes. In college, I was one of only 10 women in my engineering major.

After college, I served in the military, which is traditionally an old boys club. Then I joined friends in growing a basketball apparel and footwear company — another industry largely dominated by men.

Now, I’m running for Congress (which is 80% male) from the largest state that doesn’t have a single woman in its delegation. And I’m ready to take on this challenge on day one.

Throughout my life, I’ve seen firsthand how lower expectations are set and fewer opportunities often exist for girls, young women, and young mothers, and how that can unjustly hurt our education, pay, and career advancement.

It’s one of the reasons I’m running for Congress, but we can’t wait until the next election to rally around this issue. Tomorrow marks Equal Pay Day, but the time to take action is now:

Sign our petition now to declare your support for closing the pay gap with policies that help level the playing field, like paid family leave >> Demand Equal Pay Now.

This is a family issue as much as it’s a women’s issue. Mothers are increasingly the primary breadwinners in their families, so short changing their paychecks hurts the entire family and our economy as a whole.

The pay gap is worse for women of color, and women experience a widening pay gap as their careers progress. It feels ridiculous to be fighting this fight in 2018 — but we can’t let up, we need to put pressure on Congress to take action now.


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