A coal lobbyist running the EPA?

Yesterday Scott Pruitt announced his resignation from the EPA amid over a dozen investigations and scandals, ranging from abuse of taxpayer funds to misuse of staff time and resources. Make no mistake — this resignation is a win thanks to everyone who stood up and refused to accept the rampant corruption and outrageous policies put forth by Scott Pruitt.

But Trump didn’t waste time in tweeting that the acting director will be Andrew Wheeler, and we hate to say it, Nathaniel, but his replacement is also no friend to the environment. Prior to joining the EPA, Andrew Wheeler was a lobbyist for a major coal company. And before that? He worked for one of the most prominent climate change deniers on Capitol Hill.

We can’t accept any EPA administrator who won’t put our health and our environment first. Add your name today.

The chief responsibility of the EPA director is to protect our planet. This role is too important for us to sit by silently and watch its integrity be eroded by the Trump administration.

Thanks for being a part of this,

Team Chrissy