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House Republicans’ Liquor Privatization Proposal

TO: House Democratic Members and Interested Parties
FROM: Rep. Joseph Markosek, Chairman
SUBJECT: House Republicans’ Liquor Privatization Proposal (House Bill 466, PN 512) – Five Key Points
DATE: Feb. 24, 2015

Recently, House Republicans reintroduced their proposal to outsource the state liquor system despite the lack of support from the Senate last session for a nearly identical bill. Liquor privatization also lacks support from newly elected Governor Tom Wolf, who has indicated that he supports modernizing the liquor system, rather than privatizing it. Below are five key points to consider about House Bill 466:

1.) Speaker Turzai’s privatization proposal would do very little to help close the state’s projected $2.2 billion structural budget gap because only about $167 million would be available in the first year.

Speaker Turzai claims his proposal would generate $1.1 billion in one-time revenue for the state budget; however, it would occur over a two- to four-year period dependent upon when retail and wholesale licenses would be sold.

2.) Pennsylvania taxpayers would lose over the long-term because the state would be selling an asset that provides a steady source of revenue in exchange for a one-time payment.

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Come clean and show us the money

Editorial, Daily Local News, 2/14/15

You have to give state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale credit for his efforts to forge a bipartisan consensus in the state’s most partisan institution.

Before being elected to statewide office, the York County Democrat served in the state House, and shortly after he was elected to that body in 2006, he began posting his expenses online for everyone to see.

It was considered blasphemy by his colleagues….

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How did women fare on election day in Chesco?

Women representing Chesco in Washington and Harrisburg, 2013-14:

US Congress: 0/3
PA Senate: 0/4
PA House: 1/9
total: 1/16 = 6%

Women elected to represent Chesco in Washington and Harrisburg, 2015-16:

US Congress: 0/3
PA Senate: 0/4
PA House: 1/9
total: 1/16 = 6%

End Gifts to Legislators

from Susan Rzucidlo for State Representative (158th)

In Pennsylvania, giving gifts to legislators is big business. Under current law, only gifts valued at over $250 or transportation and lodging valued at over $650 must be disclosed however currently in Pennsylvania any gifts of any value can legally be given to legislators, as long as it can’t be linked directly to a vote. This is an improper law and practice that is counter to the principles on which our government was founded. Continue reading

Current Chesco PA House and Senate members

As of Oct. 2014. Some districts include areas outside Chester County

PA House
13 John A. Lawrence (R)
26 Tim Hennessey (R)
155 Becky Corbin (R)
156 Dan Truitt (R)
157 Warren Kampf (R)
158 Chris Ross (R)
160 Stephen Barrar (R)
167 Duane Milne (R)
168 Thomas H. Killion (R)

PA Senate

9 Dominic Pileggi (R)
19 Andrew E. Dinniman (D)
26 Edwin B. Erickson (R)
44 John C. Rafferty Jr. (R)

Download an Excel list, with info from the state legislative site, of each municipality with its House and Senate districts and office-holders here: ChesCo reps in H’burg 10-14.

2013-2014 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard

Clean Water Action, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, and the Sierra Club present the 2013-2014 Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard, a permanent record that scores every Pennsylvania state legislator on environmental votes cast during the 2013 – 2014 Legislative Session.

This legislative session was notable for the large number of attacks on environmental protection. The PA House of Representatives generated most of this anti-environmental legislation. …

From the full report, here are scores for all currently serving Chesco legislators (note the below-passing scores for all R’s, even for supposed “moderates”):

PA Senate

19 Dinniman, Andrew D 100% (this district not on 2014 ballot)
26 Erickson, Edwin R 38%
44 Rafferty, John R 38%

PA House

13 Lawrence, John A. R 8%
26 Hennessey, Tim R 25%
74 none (new district in Chesco)
155 Corbin, Becky R 50%
156 Truitt, Dan R 33%
157 Kampf, Warren R 33%
158 Ross, Chris R 33%
160 Barrar, Stephen R 33%
167 Milne, Duane R 42%


Contact: Susan Rzucidlo

Harrisburg, PA – August 26, 2014 —

Kathi Cozzone, Susan Rzucidlo, Marian Moskowitz, Anne Crowley, Whitney Hoffman, Ann Schott, and Sandy Snyder joined other Democratic women candidates from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg today, August 26, to commemorate the certification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. This group constitutes the largest number of Democratic women ever to run in a general election for the state legislature and includes candidates for Congressional seats as well.

Joining them as speaker was Katie McGinty, Director of Fresh Start PA and former gubernatorial candidate in 2014.

“This is ‘The Year of the Woman’ in Pennsylvania politics,” said Susan Rzucidlo, organizer and candidate for the 158th State House, noting the number of women candidates who chose to run because they believe that government can and must do better for the people of our nation and Commonwealth. Continue reading