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Susan Rzucidlo on the PA Supreme Court Decision

Well, this has been one of the most unusual campaigns. From January to May, I had 2 opponents, Roger Howard and Cuyler Walker. On May 20th the voters selected Cuyler Walker as the Republican candidate. Then I spent May 20 – September 28th running against Cuyler Walker, talking to voters about why I was the better choice. Then, well past the withdrawal date, Cuyler backed out of the election for personal reasons and the Republican Party selected Chris Ross, who had announced his retirement in 2013, to run against me. Continue reading

Message from First Lady Michelle Obama

by Lisa Longo, Oct 15, 2014

Michelle Obama

The message from our First Lady could not be more clear, we need to make the calls and knock on the doors. Volunteering, working for campaigns and candidates, that is what matters. She mentioned that in the last election for governor 20 more votes per precinct would have won the race for Democrats. 20 votes.

And we get those votes by making the calls. Please forward this to your friends and family, we need a lot more calls before election day.

That is how we win elections and elect Tom Wolf, Kathi Cozzone, Jim Burns, Marian Moskowitz and Anne Crowley and all the other great Democrats.

Tom Wolf