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Morning Magazine interviews

Bill Mason of WCHE, 1520 AM, has interviewed two Dem congressional candidates recently:

Manan Trivedi, 6th congressional district, 9/17/14: click here.

Mary Ellen Balchunis, 7th congressional distric, 10/16/14t: click here.

Sticky: Governor Corbett’s Plan for Education – It’s not good for Pennsylvania’s children, parents and teachers!

From the time he took office in early 2011, it’s clear that Tom Corbett had a very different plan for public education that matched the extreme agenda set forth by the Tea Party: starve public education, break teacher unions, kill state pensions, and privatize our schools with a voucher system.


Recognizing that equal education opportunity for all is only possible through a strong public school system, Continue reading

Republicans’ New Black Friend Is Either A Stock Photo Or Is Having A Very Interesting Day

by Tommy Christopher, The Daily Banter, 9/30/14

Earlier, we told you about the enormous fail that is the #IAmARepublican hashtag campaign, and the equally enormous fail of an ad campaign to which it was pegged. As crummy as the “Republicans Are People Too” ad is, you would think that at a minimum, it would feature actual people who are actual Republicans. You would be wrong….

keep reading at The Daily Banter

Susan Rzucidlo on the PA Supreme Court Decision

Well, this has been one of the most unusual campaigns. From January to May, I had 2 opponents, Roger Howard and Cuyler Walker. On May 20th the voters selected Cuyler Walker as the Republican candidate. Then I spent May 20 – September 28th running against Cuyler Walker, talking to voters about why I was the better choice. Then, well past the withdrawal date, Cuyler backed out of the election for personal reasons and the Republican Party selected Chris Ross, who had announced his retirement in 2013, to run against me. Continue reading