Highlight speeches of the Dem National Convention

Hillary Clinton soon

President Obama: text (also ink to video) here

• “…After a century of trying, we declared that health care in America is not a privilege for a few, it is a right for everybody….”

First Lady Michelle Obama video (starts with intro and video about her) and transcript

• “…I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. And I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent, black young women playing with their dogs on the White House lawn. And because of Hillary Clinton, my daughters and all our sons and daughters now take for granted that a woman can be president of the United States….”

Vice President Joe Biden: video and text.

• Trump is “…trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? Give me a break. That’s a bunch of malarkey….”

Former President Bill Clinton video

• “…Hillary opened my eyes to a whole new world of public service by private citizens….”

Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine video and text

• “…When you want to know about the character of someone in public life, look to see if they have a passion, one that began before they were in office, and that they have consistently held on to throughout their career. Hillary’s passion is kids and families. Donald Trump has a passion too. It’s himself….”

• “…If any of you are looking for that party of Lincoln, we’ve got a home for you right here in the Democratic party….”

Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders video and text

• “…This election is not about and has never been about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or any of the other candidates who sought the presidency. This election is not about political gossip, it’s not about polls, it’s not about campaign strategy, it is not about all the things that the media spends so much time discussing. This election is about and must be about the needs of the American people and the kind of future we create for our children and our grandchildren. This election is about ending the 40-year decline of our middle class….”

Senator Elizabeth Warren video and link to text.

• “…There’s a huge difference between people fighting for a level playing field and people fighting to keep the system rigged…”

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg video

• “…We need a president who is a problem-solver not a bomb-thrower…. Trump says he wants to run the country the way he runs his business? God help us! I’m a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one…. Hillary Clinton understands that this is not reality television; this is reality….”

July 28, 2016

FULL TEXT: President Barack Obama’s 2016 Democratic National Convention Speech

ABC News, 7/28/16 (and see video here)

Below is the full text of President Barack Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention in Cleveland, July 27, 2016.

Thank you, everybody. Thank you. I love you back. Hello, America. Hello Democrats.

So, 12 years ago, tonight, I addressed this convention for the very first time. You met my two little girls, Malia and Sasha, now two amazing young women who just fill me with pride. You fell for my brilliant wife and partner, Michelle, who has made me a better father and a better man, who’s gone on to inspire our nation as first lady. And who somehow hasn’t aged a day.

I know, the same cannot be said for me. My girls remind me all the time. Wow, you’ve changed so much, daddy. And then they try to clean it up. Not bad, just more mature. And, and it’s true. I was so young that first time in Boston. And look, I’ll admit it, maybe I was a little nervous. Addressing such a big crowd.

But I was filled with faith. Faith in America. The generous, big-hearted, hopeful country that made my story, that made all of our stories possible. A lot’s happened over the years. And while this nation has been tested by war, and it’s been tested by recession, and all manner of challenges, I stand before you again tonight after almost two terms as your president to tell you I am more optimistic about the future of America than ever before. How could I not be?

After all that we’ve achieved together. After the worst recession in 80 years, we fought our way back. We’ve seen deficits come down, 401ks recover, auto industry set new records, unemployment reach eight-year lows and our businesses create 15 million new jobs. After a century of trying, we declared that health care in America is not a privilege for a few, it is a right for everybody….

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A Guide to the Women’s Vote

Democracy Corps, 7/26/16

Commentaries on the dynamics of the 2016 race have focused on Donald Trump’s strength with working class men and Hillary Clinton’s challenge with white men. White non-college men are voting for Trump 58 to 22 percent in a 3-way ballot, and 75 percent view Clinton unfavorably (67 percent very unfavorably). This explains Trump’s “Rust Belt” strategy and Clinton’s choice of Senator Tim Kaine as running mate.

But white working class men are only 18 percent of likely 2016 voters. In a 3-way race, they would need to count for 25 percent of voters in order for Trump to be competitive with Hillary Clinton and in a 2-way race, the white working class men would need to count for 36 percent of the electorate, with all else equal.

That is why women will determine the outcome of this election. They are repulsed by Donald Trump, and 63 percent view him unfavorably, (58 percent very unfavorably). Hillary Clinton was 3 points ahead of Donald Trump in a 3-way ballot in Democracy Corps’ national likely voter survey right before the Republican Convention; that grew to 7 points ahead in a 2-way ballot. But consolidated support among key groups of women and gains with white working class women are likely to propel her further ahead in the days after the Democratic National Convention….

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July 26, 2016