Legend Leo Scoda steps down after 51 years at Phoenixville

By Barry Sankey, The Phoenix / GameTime, 8/18/14

PHOENIXVILLE – Leo Scoda has decided the time is right to step aside now.

The man who built Phoenixville Area High School boys tennis into a dynasty in the old Ches-Mont League and continued on in the Pioneer Athletic Conference has submitted his retirement letter after 51 years at the helm of the Phantoms. It is effective immediately.

The 72-year-old Scoda, a retired senior high school biology teacher and former mayor of the borough of Phoenixville, devoted countless hours to the tennis program, both during the school year and then again during the months with the recreation program.

Scoda achieved an overall record of 689 victories, 126 defeats and one tie during his career….

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Teaching Is Not a Business

By DAVID L. KIRPAUG, New York Times, 8/16/14

TODAY’S education reformers believe that schools are broken and that business can supply the remedy. Some place their faith in the idea of competition. Others embrace disruptive innovation, mainly through online learning. Both camps share the belief that the solution resides in the impersonal, whether it’s the invisible hand of the market or the transformative power of technology.

Neither strategy has lived up to its hype, and with good reason. It’s impossible to improve education by doing an end run around inherently complicated and messy human relationships. All youngsters need to believe that they have a stake in the future, a goal worth striving for, if they’re going to make it in school. They need a champion, someone who believes in them, and that’s where teachers enter the picture. The most effective approaches foster bonds of caring between teachers and their students. …

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ExxonMobil, Chevron Locked In Bidding War To Acquire Lucrative Pennsylvania Senator

The Onion, Jul 28, 2014

HARRISBURG, PA—With both sides increasing their initial offers for the prized asset, multinational energy companies ExxonMobil and Chevron Corporation are currently locked in a fierce bidding war to obtain a lucrative Pennsylvania senator, sources confirmed Monday. “This legislator represents an incredibly valuable commodity in the energy world, and both ExxonMobil and Chevron appear to be willing to pay whatever is necessary to acquire him,” said oil and gas industry analyst John Blakey of the ongoing, back-and-forth bidding process for U.S. Sen. Patrick Toomey (R-PA)….

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For more on Joe Sestak, who is planning to challenge Toomey in the 2016 Senate race, and to contribute to support Sestak, click here. For part of a Sestak graphic commenting on the Onion satire:… Continue reading

No Bonusgate, but he should know better

editorial, Daily Local News, 8/10/14

As a politician who rode into office, partially, on the principle of separation of politics and governing, you would think that Gov. Tom Corbett would know better than to give the appearance of mixing the two.

Yet, as the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported, Gov. Corbett has held numerous meetings with campaign staff in the governor’s office since he took the helm, something that his critics have pounced upon as hypocritical….

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Statement on the Passing of Dr. Robert White

The following is a statement from the West Goshen Democrats on the passing of Dr. Robert White, who was tragically killed by a truck at a grocery store in West Goshen.

“It is with great sadness that we learned of the tragic death of Dr. Robert White.  He contributed to the community unselfishly.  He helped to make our township such a wonderful place to live.  Dr White was a man who could embrace good ideas no matter who they came from.  He was not a partisan, he was a man dedicated to the service of our community.

Our sincere condolences go out to his family and many friends.”

Dr. White, who served four consecutive terms as a West Goshen township supervisor, was 77 years old. Read more about this tragic and unfortunate accident here.


Chester County Democratic Committee

John Kane for PA Senate 26th – press release

DEVON — With a formidable war chest and receptive voters on the campaign trail, John Kane has every reason to walk with confidence. A new and promising entrant to electoral politics, Kane is a Master Plumber and union business manager for Delaware and Chester Counties, a husband and father of four, and lifelong resident of the western suburbs. With endorsements from 33 state and local unions, Planned Parenthood and the Conservation Voters of PA, and gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf’s strength in the district, John Kane is confident about his success in November.

Kane and campaign volunteers spent the evening visiting voters in Devon and Berwyn in Easttown Township.

“I’m not afraid of hard work,” Kane responded, as a voter remarked on the rainy weather. Continue reading

Meet Marian Moskowitz

from Tredyffrin Township Democrats

Marian is our Democratic candidate for PA House in the 157th  District, which includes Tredyffrin, Schuylkill Township and most of Phoenixville in Chester County, and Upper Providence Township in Montgomery County. She is opposed by Republican, Warren Kampf.

As a Businessperson

Marian is a seasoned and  successful entrepreneur, having started and run a number of small businesses. She has been a principal in multiple real estate projects, the most notable being the reclamation and development of an abandoned factory in Phoenixville renamed Franklin Commons. Started in 2006, it is now a bustling educational and small business complex named as “Best Mixed-Use Project of 2011″ by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

As a Job Creator

Her business ventures have created hundreds of jobs….

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Cozzone Endorsed by Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC

press release from Kathi Cozzone for PA Senate, 7/23/14

 (Uwchlan, PA) – Chester County Commissioner and Democratic candidate for State Senate, Kathi Cozzone is proud to announce her endorsement from Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC, an organization that is a strong voice in Harrisburg for access to women’s healthcare.

“The Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC is thrilled to announce its endorsement of Kathi Cozzone for State Senate,” said Sari Stevens, Executive Director of the Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania PAC. “Kathi is a strong advocate for women’s health and rights, and will fight for women’s access to birth control, preventive health care, and reproductive rights in the Legislature.” Continue reading

Corbett to blame for PA’s education crisis

By John Kane, Dem candidate in PA House 26, Guest Columnist, Delaware County Democratic Committee, 8/5/14

Our schools.” “Our children.” “Education.” “Class sizes.” “Testing.” “Funding.” “Property taxes.”

These are what I hear on a daily basis as I talk with people throughout Delaware County. Parents, employers, religious leaders, seniors, kids, my wife who’s a public school teacher – in short, everyone. Everyone is concerned about what is happening with our schools.

Well, what is happening with our schools? How did we get here?

It is simple: In 2011, when Tom Corbett introduced his first budget as governor of Pennsylvania, he chose to cut $1 billion from education across the state. In the years since, Gov. Corbett has done nothing to try to remedy the cash shortfall that he created….

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