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“Served” – Trivedi TV ad

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“Served” – TV Ad Unveiled on Costello’s Cuts to Child Abuse Prevention and Awarding of Taxpayer Contracts to Campaign Donors

WEST CHESTER, Pa – On Wednesday, the Trivedi for Congress campaign went up on the air with a broadcast spot that draws a sharp contrast between Dr. Manan Trivedi’s record of service and Ryan Costello’s self-serving political career.

“What this ad makes clear to voters is that I’m not a career politician,” Trivedi said. “I’m not your usual candidate. The best way to fix Washington is to stop sending the same kind of people there year after year. I’m running as a veteran, a primary care doctor, and a concerned citizen, and I will be an independent voice for Pennsylvania families in Congress.”

The ad is thirty-seconds long and focuses on Dr. Trivedi’s military service and work as an emergency room doctor in Berks County. It also highlights Ryan Costello’s twelve-year career as a politician and his votes to provide taxpayer contracts to his top campaign donors while cutting funding for critical programs, such as child abuse prevention.

To view the ad, click: SERVED – Trivedi for Congress TV ad



“In 2001, Dr. Manan Trivedi joined the Marines. Ryan Costello went into politics.

“Trivedi served as a battlefield surgeon in Iraq. Costello served himself by voting to raise his own pay.

“And while Trivedi cared for patients in Pennsylvania, Costello gave millions in government contracts to his campaign contributors – even as he cut funding for child abuse prevention.

“In Congress, only Trivedi will do what’s right for you.”


“I’m Manan Trivedi, and I approve this message.”

PA now ranked 50th for job growth since January 2011

Keystone Research Center, October 21, 2014

Pennsylvania’s rank for percent job growth since January 2011 has fallen to last place among states, based on employment data for September 2014 released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In September, Pennsylvania lost 9,600 jobs while the state’s unemployment rate fell from one-tenth of a percentage point to 5.7%….

Keep reading at Keystone Research Center. According to the download “The Facts on Job Growth in Pennsylvania,” from 1/11 to 9/14, PA jobs increased by 2.08% (which comes to a minuscule .5% growth each year). By comparison, PA ranked 10th in job creation among the states in the year (12/09-12/10) before Corbett took office. Note that job creation does not measure the same trends as the unemployment rate as usually stated (which does not consider people who have given up looking for work) or the number of people working part-time who would rather work full-time.)

Gas boom takes advantage of Chester Countians

Letter, Daily Local News, from Michael Gallagher, West Chester, 10/16/14

Due to a lack of any federal energy policy and a governor who was elected with the money and mandates from the global energy companies, we the citizens of Chester County have no rights to say how they run their pipelines. The drillers and fracking companies were given the right of way to go anywhere they want and to use eminent domain to steal the land if need be. The pipeline companies think they can do the same, unless something changes in the governor’s office….

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Christie says GOP gubernatorial candidates need to win so they control ‘voting mechanisms’

[One more reason to retire Tom Corbett....] By MELISSA HAYES and HERB JACKSON, NorthJersey.com, October 21, 2014

Governor Christie pushed further into the contentious debate over voting rights than ever before, saying Tuesday that Republicans need to win gubernatorial races this year so that they’re the ones controlling “voting mechanisms” going into the next presidential election….

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Gas pipeline expansion should alarm homeowners

By Marcia Greenberg, Washington Post opinion, 10/17/14

Homeowners and communities are unprepared for an invasion of their cherished private yards and public spaces.

The Mid-Atlantic region is facing an expansion of natural gas transport infrastructure that threatens communities’ health, safety and homes….

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Corbett’s Desperation and Deceit

FactCheck, 10/15/14

We’ve noticed that the most deceitful attack ads often come from candidates who are most desperate. For example, consider the claim by Pennsylvania’s unpopular Republican Gov. Tom Corbett that his opponent “is promising to raise middle-class taxes,” when in fact Democratic nominee Tom Wolf promises to cut them….

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14 Facts About The Obama Presidency That Most People Don’t Know

by Jeff61b, HubPages

People have many perceptions of how the US economy or the country as a whole is doing in recent years. Depending on your political views, you may think the country is doing exceptionally well or on the verge of collapse.

Listed below are 14 objective facts, without interjecting any opinion, about the state of America under the leadership of President Obama. Every statement is followed up with a link to a source where you can verify these facts for yourself.

1. We’ve now had 63 straight months of economic expansion. …

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