A Guide to the Women’s Vote

Democracy Corps, 7/26/16

Commentaries on the dynamics of the 2016 race have focused on Donald Trump’s strength with working class men and Hillary Clinton’s challenge with white men. White non-college men are voting for Trump 58 to 22 percent in a 3-way ballot, and 75 percent view Clinton unfavorably (67 percent very unfavorably). This explains Trump’s “Rust Belt” strategy and Clinton’s choice of Senator Tim Kaine as running mate.

But white working class men are only 18 percent of likely 2016 voters. In a 3-way race, they would need to count for 25 percent of voters in order for Trump to be competitive with Hillary Clinton and in a 2-way race, the white working class men would need to count for 36 percent of the electorate, with all else equal.

That is why women will determine the outcome of this election. They are repulsed by Donald Trump, and 63 percent view him unfavorably, (58 percent very unfavorably). Hillary Clinton was 3 points ahead of Donald Trump in a 3-way ballot in Democracy Corps’ national likely voter survey right before the Republican Convention; that grew to 7 points ahead in a 2-way ballot. But consolidated support among key groups of women and gains with white working class women are likely to propel her further ahead in the days after the Democratic National Convention….

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July 26, 2016

Elizabeth Warren’s entire Democractic convention speech

View her speech at CNN

Sen. Elizabeth Warren used her Democratic National Convention speech to attack Donald Trump’s presidential qualifications and made the case for electing Hillary.

“…There’s a huge difference between people fighting for a level playing field and people fighting to keep the system rigged…” (at 5:49).

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Here’s what this week is about

email from Governor Tom Wolf, 7/24/16

This week we have the honor of hosting the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia — and after seeing what Donald Trump did in Cleveland, I’m ready to get to work and win this election for Hillary and other Democrats.

Throughout our storied history, Pennsylvania has been the setting where people have come together to build a more united, stronger land for all.

William Penn arrived here on a ship called the “Welcome” and he established a colony with the values of tolerance and inclusion as the keystones to its foundation. He envisioned this place as a place where families of all faiths could come to create a better future for their children.

It was here that our Founding Fathers came together to declare independence and launch the American experiment in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And it was in my home county of York where the Articles of Confederation were drafted and adopted, and our country’s government started as a loose confederation of states.

It took less than eight years for the founders to realize that we’re stronger together. Continue reading

July 25, 2016

Who are the elected Dem delegates from Chester County?

From the PA Dem party site (delegates are elected by congressional district, so not all these live in Chester County):













Appointed Sanders delegate Stephanie Markstein

Also unelected “superdelegates” from PA: UNPLEDGED DELEGATES: 19 total

Former Governor Ed Rendell
Governor Tom Wolf
Senator Robert P. Casey Jr.
Congressman Robert Brady
Congressman Brendan Boyle
Congressman Matthew Cartwright
Congressman Michael Doyle
Chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Pennsylvania DNC Member Marcel L. Groen
Pennsylvania DNC Member Rick Bloomingdale
Pennsylvania DNC Member Ronald R. Donatucci
Vice Chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Pennsylvania DNC Member Penny Gerber
Pennsylvania DNC Member Gerald Lawrence
Pennsylvania DNC Member Evelyn Rafalko-McNulty
Pennsylvania DNC Member Nancy Patton Mills
Pennsylvania DNC Member Ian Murray
Pennsylvania DNC Member Marian B. Tasco
Pennsylvania DNC Member Sylvia Wilson
At-Large DNC Member Amanda Green-Hawkins
At-Large DNC Member Michael Nutter