With eyes wide open, women see risks in four more years of Corbett

Planned Parenthood PA, 8/26/14

Planned Parenthood PA PAC to count down Corbett’s Top 10 assaults on women’s health

Harrisburg, Pa. – As the 2014 gubernatorial election between incumbent Tom Corbett and challenger Tom Wolf draws near, Planned Parenthood PA PAC is counting down the Top 10 reasons why Pennsylvania women can’t afford four more years of Corbett at the helm. The countdown officially begins today on the observance of Women’s Equality Day….

Coming in at No. 10 …

Corbett attracted national attention with his offensive and ignorant comments about a state bill that would force doctors to perform a mandatory ultrasound on women seeking an abortion, and describe what they see to the woman even if she doesn’t want to see or hear it….

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Trivedi (for US House PA-6) pushes for job creation…


Philadelphia, 8/28/14 – Flanked by Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and candidate for the 13th congressional district of Pennsylvania, Brendan Boyle, candidate for PA’s 6th congressional district, Manan Trivedi today pushed for a job creation proposal that targeted improving infrastructure and expanding rail to Reading.

“We can create new American jobs that benefit American businesses already located in the Philadelphia region. Continue reading

Time to stop the violence and bias against women

By JOE SESTAK, Guest Columnist, DelCo Times, 8/21/14

I’ve always been taken by a woman’s ability to bring people together to achieve a common goal. I saw that in the Navy time and time again. While in the Persian Gulf, I was commanding the only U.S. Navy ship underway worldwide on Christmas in 1993, and I asked women on a non-combatant ship in port Bahrain if they wanted to experience being on a combatant ship – a pending move by the Navy. At that time, I began to observe how women – particularly junior officers – were ranked higher than their male counterparts. It wasn’t favoritism – it was because they were better team leaders. They were better junior leaders because they found greater value in interpersonal relationships and they understood how to bring people together as a team. Studies show that these relationships are critical for women.

In just four years, women will make up the majority of workers in this nation, accounting for the largest of America’s treasure in terms of productivity….

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by Susan Rzucidlo, candidate for PA House 158

Women are under-represented at all levels of government, including here in Pennsylvania. Although 51% of the general population is female, women make up just 18% of the PA House of Representatives.

In order to have a truly representative government our legislature should reflect the diversity of our state. I believe we should have more women in Harrisburg, not because a woman’s voice is better than a man’s, but because when women are present, the tone and direction of the conversation tends to become more people-oriented and solution-based.

Studies also show the presence of women in government raises the standards of ethical behavior and lowers corruption in government. Now that is something I think we can agree is needed in Harrisburg.


Contact: Susan Rzucidlo susan@susanforpa.com

Harrisburg, PA – August 26, 2014 —

Kathi Cozzone, Susan Rzucidlo, Marian Moskowitz, Anne Crowley, Whitney Hoffman, Ann Schott, and Sandy Snyder joined other Democratic women candidates from across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the steps of the Capitol in Harrisburg today, August 26, to commemorate the certification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. This group constitutes the largest number of Democratic women ever to run in a general election for the state legislature and includes candidates for Congressional seats as well.

Joining them as speaker was Katie McGinty, Director of Fresh Start PA and former gubernatorial candidate in 2014.

“This is ‘The Year of the Woman’ in Pennsylvania politics,” said Susan Rzucidlo, organizer and candidate for the 158th State House, noting the number of women candidates who chose to run because they believe that government can and must do better for the people of our nation and Commonwealth. Continue reading

Medicaid expansion program in PA

Pennsylvania People’s Campaign, Facebook, 8/26/14

Yesterday the People’s Campaign broke the story that that the federal government and Corbett Administration will soon announce agreement on a Medicaid expansion program. We now have heard this will occur as early as Thursday.

A Harvard study found that the uninsured experience a 40% higher risk of death. We will never know the names of those 500 uninsured Pennsylvanians who died unnecessarily this year for lack of insurance while the Corbett administration dithered instead of expanding Medicaid last Jan 1 as should have occurred.

Harvard Medical Study Links Lack of Insurance to 45,000 U.S. Deaths a Year
The Harvard study found that people without health insurance had a 40 percent higher risk of death than those with private health insurance — as a result of being unable to obtain necessary medical care.

Our Blind Spot About Guns

by Nicholas Kristof, New York Times, 7/30/14

If we had the same auto fatality rate today that we had in 1921, by my calculations we would have 715,000 Americans dying annually in vehicle accidents.

Instead, we’ve reduced the fatality rate by more than 95 percent — not by confiscating cars, but by regulating them and their drivers sensibly.

We could have said, “Cars don’t kill people. People kill people”….

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New KAD Office Opens

from Kennett Area Democrats August newsletter

New KAD Office Opens… In the same center as 2012, across from Kennett HS tennis courts

On Friday August 22, the Kennett Area Democrats officially opened their 2014 election office. The event was celebrated by nearly 50 stalwarts who joined with our local candidates to inspire Democrats to make a difference in the election to be held on November 4.


Guests at the gala included candidates Tom
Houghton running for the 16th U.S. Congressional District, Susan Rzucidlo, candidate for the PA State House, 158th District , and Whitney Hoffman, running for the PA State House, 160th District….

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