October 21, 2016

NextGen Climate Pennsylvania for Katie McGinty

[n.b. the volunteer link below is for college students against Trump. Others see Katie’s site.]

Last night’s final Senate debate
Oct 25, 2016

Pennsylvania voters got a question on clean energy during last night’s Senate debate between Democrat Katie McGinty and Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

And who asked the question? A local college student. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since eighty percent of young American voters want to transition our nation to a clean energy economy — an essential step to solving our climate crisis.

Toomey outlined a plan to double down on measures that would put our climate, air, and water at risk, keeping track with his long-standing record of protecting corporate polluters at the expense of Pennsylvanians’ health and our climate.

McGinty reaffirmed her commitment to end tax breaks for Big Oil, a sensible energy policy that will help us transition to a clean energy economy.

Katie McGinty has brought renewable energy manufacturing jobs to Pennsylvania

The need to transition to a clean energy economy is all too fresh in Pennsylvanians’ minds — just last Friday, a pipeline breach spilled approximately 55,000 gallons of oil into a creek near the Susquehanna River in Lycoming County, damaging the watershed while putting drinking water at risk.

A clean energy economy is the way forward — and Katie McGinty is the only Pennsylvania Senate candidate who gets it. Volunteer with us to help elect McGinty on November 8th.


Pat Millham
State Director
NextGen Climate Pennsylvania

October 25, 2016

Obama endorses Hartman for CD 16

{see Christina’s new ad here)

Barack Obama Endorses Christina Hartman

Oct 24, 2016 · Press Release

Lancaster, PA – In a statement released today, Barack Obama endorsed Christina Hartman for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 16th Congressional district:

“I’m proud to endorse Christina Hartman for the United States House of Representatives. In Congress, Hartman will be the kind of leader we need to build on all of the progress we’ve made over the last eight years to create a stronger, safer, fairer country for our children. Hartman is a fighter for Pennsylvania’s working families, and will fight for a level playing field so that everyone has a shot at the American dream. In Congress, I know that Hartman will stand up and fight to raise the minimum wage, end the influence of secret money in politics, and address the climate change crisis. All of Pennsylvania’s families can count on Christina Hartman to stand up for them, too.”

“It is a tremendous honor to receive Barack Obama’s endorsement,” said Christina Hartman. “I share his commitment to building a strong economy that works for Pennsylvania’s families and Americans across our nation. In Congress, I will fight to preserve and protect Social Security, expand access to affordable higher education, and support small businesses that create local jobs.”

Jill Biden, Anne Holton stump for Clinton in Phoenixville

By Eric Devlin, Daily Local News, 10/23/16

PHOENIXVILLE >> Two Democratic Party luminaries — Jill Biden and Anne Holton, wife of vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine — campaigned for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in the borough Sunday focusing on education and the economy.

The two women reminded the 63 campaign volunteers at the Phoenixville Democratic Committee headquarters about Clinton’s platform and urged them to continue supporting her efforts.

“One of the honors and privileges of this campaign is to travel around to the other 49 states and introduce ourselves and get to know you,” said Holton of the campaign.

Clinton assigned Holton, a former judge and former Virginia secretary of education, to travel across the country to talk to educators, students and parents to find out “how can we work together to make sure every student from every zip code has a successful pathway to the future.”…

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October 24, 2016

Local press on Chesco races

“In 6th Congressional District, it’s Costello versus Parrish,” Daily Local News, 10/22/16

“Dinniman, London spar during heated debate for 19th Senatorial District seat,” Daily Local News, 10/23/16

“16th District will see a new congressional face,” Daily Local News, 10/23/16

“Rematch: It’s Meehan vs. Balchunis in 7th District,” Daily Local News, 10/24/16

“McGinty, Toomey quarrel through final debate in Senate race,” Daily Local News, 10/25/16