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The Road Not Taken

by Mark Price, Third and State, Keystone Research Center / Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, October 6, 2015

Over the past few years, many other states, similar to Pennsylvania in 2011 and again today, have faced critical choices about whether to raise state revenues, hold firm to “no new taxes” or even cut taxes further. Today we released the results of our examination of the experience of four states, as well as Pennsylvania, and the different roads they each took.

Two of the states – California and Minnesota – raised taxes to improve their fiscal health and to reinvest in education. The other two states – Kansas and Wisconsin – followed the same path as Pennsylvania under Gov. Corbett, cutting taxes to varying degrees and cutting education spending.

The results of this policy experiment are in:

The two states that raised revenues have enjoyed percent job growth since 2010-11 that is one-and-a-half to three times larger than the three states – including Pennsylvania – that cut taxes.
The states that increased taxes have seen revenue growth – both as a result of the tax changes and as a result of stronger recoveries – of 15 percent and 19 percent….

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Stand with President Obama: Enough is enough. We’ve got to stop mass shootings across America.

Petition at Democracy For America

Join Gov. Howard Dean in standing with President Obama to do whatever it takes to get Congress to pass effective gun violence laws.

President Obama submitted to Congress in early 2013 a gun violence plan that included sensible, reasonable proposals like these:

Universal background checks for all gun sales
Passing a new, stronger assault weapons ban
Limiting the size of ammunition magazines
Banning civilian possession of armor-piercing bullets

Stand with President Obama and tell Congress: No more excuses. Pass meaningful gun violence laws and stop the killing.

to sign on: Democracy For America

Watch President Obama’s Statement on the Shooting in Oregon

by Lindsay Holst, WhiteHouse.gov, 10/1/15

As the details surrounding today’s tragedy continue to unfold, this is something every American should watch.

We have to come together and take steps to reduce gun violence. We have to find the courage to change. #UCCShooting https://t.co/5xQhor8bRM
— The White House (@WhiteHouse) October 2, 2015

The President just delivered a statement on today’s shooting in Oregon.

And one thing he said is certainly ringing in the minds of Americans across the country right now, no matter their politics:

“We are the only advanced country in the world that sees these shootings every few months.”…

keep reading at WhiteHouse.gov; view the full statement and video of the president’s remarks here

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf launches budget appeal to rank-and-file GOP lawmakers

By Marc Levy, The Associated Press, Daily Local News, 9/30/15

HARRISBURG >> Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and his allies have begun reaching out to rank-and-file Republican lawmakers in an effort to build majority support for a budget plan that can break a 3-month-old budget stalemate.

The concept being circulated lacks many details but revolves around imposing a new severance tax on Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling and raising the state’s personal income tax rate, Republicans said….

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Wasteful Republican scheme

This week, POLITICO broke the news that House Republicans are creating a Benghazi-like committee to waste taxpayer dollars on a bogus scheme to investigate Planned Parenthood. 

And today? The Republican Speaker-to-be even admitted that the whole Benghazi committee was just a cheap political stunt.

It is sick that Republicans would put politics over vital women’s health services. Fight back – contribute $15, $25, $50 or $100 to the Chester County Democratic Committee today!

We’ve already seen what happens when Republicans abuse taxpayer resources for their partisan political stunts. They’ve already squandered 510 days and over four and a half million dollars trying to smear Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State.

The last thing we need right now is another Republican committee chock-full of wasteful government spending – especially a committee aimed at tarnishing Planned Parenthood’s record. Continue reading

CANDIDATE SPOTLIGHT: Kathi Cozzone for County Commissioner

Kathi is the first Democrat to serve as Vice-Chair of the Chester County Commissioners. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Child Advocacy Center of Chester County and on the Boards of Directors of the Chester County Art Association and the United Way of Chester County. She is an ex-officio member of the Chester County Economic Development Council and also served on the Board of Chester County Industrial Development Association. She was first elected County Commissioner in 2007.
Cozzone for Chester County Commissioner
PO Box 1385, Exton, PA 19341