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How the Houlahans celebrate Earth Day

from Chrissy Houlahan, the CCDC-endorsed candidate for US House PA-06 and the only Dem on the ballot for US House in Chester County. See her site here.

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is always a special time in the Houlahan house. For years we celebrated my oldest daughter’s birthday this week with an Earth Day birthday party with kids planting trees and flowers.

As my daughters got older, they started a honey company called Hives for Lives and ran it for more than a decade. They and their friends raised bees, and all of the proceeds from the sale of the honey went toward basic research for curing cancer. Around Earth Day, we would also celebrate our environment by inviting people to “Bee Day” parties where we would add the bees to their newly constructed and decorated hives. In total, Hives for Lives raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for research while helping endangered pollinators.

As you can see, this time of year holds special memories for me, but now I’m worried, as many of us are, that our climate is threatened. President Trump has sold out our global leadership to big polluters.

We have hope, though, because there is an election coming soon and elections matter. We can stop this administration’s anti-environment agenda by sending scientists and climate advocates like myself to Congress this November.

In Congress, I will be a champion for our environment and will work to combat the threat of climate change and the assault on truth and data, but first I need your help to get there.

In my own career, I’ve worked to follow the lead of my kids and dispel the myth that businesses can’t protect their bottom line while doing good for the world. I hope to continue making this argument in Congress, because we need the public and private sectors to work together, innovate, and find bold solutions to the threat of climate change. Our health, national security, and economy are all at stake.

This is one of the biggest issues of our time, our actions will be judged by the generations to come, and we don’t have any time to waste. We can’t sit idly by and watch climate deniers roll back the progress we’ve made.

Weapons of war don’t belong on our streets

from John Fetterman, one of 5 candidates for Lieutenant Governor, of whom CCDC has endorsed Kathi Cozzone. For more on all 5, see here.

Weapons of war don’t belong on our streets.

But here in Pennsylvania, buying an assault weapon is as easy as buying a hoagie. That’s because a background check is not mandatory to purchase long guns, which includes assault weapons.

Support for a ban on assault weapons is the highest it’s been in years in this country, which should make State Representative Ed Gainey’s bold bill to ban assault weapons in our state — HB 194 — an easy sell. But for too long, the Republican-controlled State House and State Senate have stood in the way of any commonsense gun reform. That ends now.

Tell Republicans in Harrisburg: “Put your constituents ahead of the gun lobby! Take immediate action on HB 194 to ban weapons of war, which have no place in the hands of private citizens.”


I’d like to think we could have saved the many lives lost to gun violence here in Braddock and across Pennsylvania with regulations that kept those firearms out of the hands of criminals to begin with. And if I am lucky enough to serve as your next Lieutenant Governor, I will work with Rep. Gainey in Harrisburg to see this assault weapons ban and other commonsense gun reform bills through. But first, I need your help.

Will you join me? Add your name in support of Rep. Gainey’s bill to ban assault weapons.

Thank you for taking action on this,

Happy Earth Day today, Sunday April 22 !

This Earth is our Earth, or: we are the Earth’s. So we had better take better care of her! And let people in office know that we expect them to do more for environment, renewable energy, clean air and water, and climate survival.

Please help celebrate the day in West Chester or Downingtown by attending the event of your choice:

1:00pm – 3:00pm, starting at 2 N. High St, West Chester
: Celebrate and advocate for Earth Day. A collaboration among many groups. Rally, speakers, songs, march, activities, tree dedication, flowers to plant, food…


From 1-4 p.m. at Kerr Park in Downingtown: INDIVISIBLE Chester County will be hosting an Earth Day celebration! There will be food, music, games, and a few special guest speakers along the way.

See details of both in the calendar above on this site.

It takes a lot more than votes to know what needs to get done

from Katie Muth, CCDC-endorsed candidate in PA Senate district 44:

I have spent the past 11 months reaching out to members of our community and listening to the issues that they feel are most important to them. Time and time again, people tell me that they feel that the government does not work for them and that their elected officials do not listen to their concerns. I agree. As a child who was raised in a working-class family founded on hard work and as a candidate working full time to help pay her student loan debt, I am tired of seeing our elected officials here in Pennsylvania short change the middle class.

The Pennsylvania State Senate has been under Republican control since 1993 and over that time the middle class has seen little to no wage growth. People in our community are doing all that they can to support their families with the hope of a better tomorrow. I am ready to be a strong voice for hardworking Pennsylvanians and will fight to make sure that no one is left behind. We have to swing that massive pendulum back in the other direction and take our seat at the table.

Find out more about Katie Muth and donate here.